Frequently asked questions

How do you keep Friendbase a safe place for members?

At Friendbase we have a deep commitment to safety. This means that we have built, and are constantly improving, a platform where it is easy and intuitive for members to report and track inappropriate and/or abusive behaviour.

We aim to cultivate a Friendbase culture and environment that is friendly and respectful. Members help us improve the Friendbase environment by letting us know if someone is being rude, offensive or if they feel threatened in any way.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we will be adding additional safeguards to support these efforts.

Why does Friendbase have an age limit of 13 years?

The age limit at Friendbase is strictly enforced, and accounts found to have been registered by those under the age of 13 will be deleted.

The age of 13 is a major cut-off point in social media and messaging, with significantly more restrictions placed on platforms that include users under the age of 13.

There are regulations placed about companies and/or platforms that allow users under the age of 13, such as the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States. in the United States.

Similar to most popular social networking sites (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram), we chose this age restriction to better focus on creating a safe, open, and robust environment. Friendbase also includes the option to log in through Facebook, which has a similar restriction and ensures our members are age 13 and above.

Why are there *** in my text?

If you are typing and the asterisks *** show instead of letters, you have probably typed a word or expression that is banned. The Friendbase system automatically tracks and detects if someone uses what we have deemed inappropriate language.

Repeated use of banned language will be automatically reported to Friendbase. Offenders of our inappropriate language standards may be banned from logging onto Friendbase.

Friendbase reviews each unique situation, allowing for both temporary bans and permanent bans depending on the nature of the behavior.

How do I report abuse?

We make reporting inappropriate behavior easy. In Friendbase, there is a report button available at all times. Just click on it and write a few lines on why you feel the person should be reported. We investigate ALL reports and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

We take reports seriously, and as such try hard to weed out false reports meant to harass another member. Please note that we track suspected fake reports and reports that may be made to abuse, so if you report someone unjustly or if you report someone back because they reported you, this is the behavior we deem inappropriate and may lead to you being banned from Friendbase.

Why have I been banned?

If a user has been banned it is either because of our internal system that bans certain user behavior, or other users have reported you for bad behavior.

In most situations, this leads to a warning and temporary account shut-down (one hour, a day, or 48 hours). However, if the offending behavior continues, the user will be banned permanently.