We take safety seriously at Friendbase.

As the producer of a virtual world platform inhabited by a significant number of teenagers, we are strongly aware of the importance of all our members feeling welcome and safe in Friendbase. All of us at Friendbase have a deep commitment towards running a platform that is fun, friendly, and vibrant.

The purpose of Friendbase is to cultivate friendship and to have fun; as such, we consider it extremely important that you feel comfortable in this virtual environment. Our approach to online safety is built on the foundation of commitment. Our commitment as a company to your safety , and the commitment of the community at large. We encourage our members to feel empowered to use the available security tools to report inappropriate behaviour, and as a company we respect that empowerment by dealing with reports in a serious and timely fashion, and we always strive to be as fair and consequent as we can.

We have made a list of Frequently Asked Questions, as well as a list of Things to remember to stay safe to help ensure that your experience in the Friendbase universe is safe, secure, and friendly. Our commitment towards a safe environment requires that you, and all of our members, abide by our rules and standards. When you download Friendbase, you are agreeing to comply with our Terms of use.

We also have several partners to help us out, all dedicated to your safety.