We believe the future is global and that we will grow to a billion dollar company!

Our screens are becoming a continuous information hub, shared/augmented/ extended realities, group watching/shopping/communication, voice and facial recognition and biometrics, enabling new consumer experiences in gaming or education and creating new revenue opportunities.

Games are becoming increasingly social

Broadcast companies are looking for new ways to expand their viewing experience

Education providers are looking for new ways to engage and encourage learning

Brands, music, film are all looking for ways to reach audiences beyond traditional advertising

Friendbase is part of Palderio Creative Labs, an entertainment company offering social and fun games, edtech, tailored communities with cross marketing and merchandising opportunities. The team have extensive experience from the gaming and animation industry and also have a team of external experts on board in live ops, safety, research and tech ethics.

The company will raise the next round of funding in the beginning of 2022. Growth will be by:

Scaling existing platform

Release stand alone games VR / AR / XR

Embracing new business opportunities as a metaverse utilizing blockchain and releasing our own NFT:s

Acquisition (currently in discussion with an edtech company)

New IP’s to capitalize of our existing infrastructure

Friendbase currently has several business angels and investors supporting our development as well as organizations such as Swedish Almi, VG Region and Vinnova.

We are always looking to expand our network. If you are interested in investing in Friendbase, please contact us as [email protected] and we will contact you.

You can also find us on;