You are unique!

With lots of fun styles and outfits to choose from you can create an avatar that is your lookalike or you can design something completely different. Why not dress up for the holidays, or to celebrate a special occasion!

We add new looks, areas, games and features regularly, many of them based on ideas from our community! If you want to contribute and help shape the future of Friendbase, just send an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know what you think should come next. Thank you helping make Friendbase awesome!

Let’s get social


Meet new friends
from all over the world!


Decorate your own room, and invite
people over for a party!


Play with your pets or challenge friends to a multiplayer
game or quiz!


Challenge your friends to a quiz or why not write your own?
Soon to come!


Latest News

  • New Friendbase LIVE!
    New Friendbase LIVE!

    New Friendbase is LIVE!!!  After a year of development, we have released our new version of Friendbase! The team has worked tirelessly and they have done an amazing job. So why even make a new version? Well, we could see the cracks in the wall of the old version, and instead of plastering and painting …

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  • Friendbase to capitalize on the soaring Indian gaming market
    Friendbase to capitalize on the soaring Indian gaming market

    Swedish company Friendbase AB is opening new office in Bengaluru, India by establishing Friendbase India Private Limited. Friendbase AB is an award-winning social platform company founded in 2013 based in Gothenburg Sweden, Istanbul Turkey, and now in Bengaluru India. Friendbase is an avatar-based social network, a fun-packed chat world where young people from all over the …

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  • Friendbase closes round of investment!
    Friendbase closes round of investment!

    We are really happy to be able to announce that we have closed a round of investment led by CBC Investment Group in Gothenburg. Several of our current business angels have invested as well and we are truly grateful for the support. “CBC is both proud and excited to be a part of the Friendbase …

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