Welcome to Friendbase!

Meet new friends from all over the world, decorate your own room, and invite people over for a party. Choose your own special look, play with your pets or challenge friends to a multiplayer game or quiz!

Our vision is to become a global platform for teenagers all over the world. We want to teach teens to work together rather than against.

Our core values are inclusion, entertainment, cultural globalization, education and safety.  

We will be adding new looks, areas, games and features regularly. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know what you think what should come next. We love hearing ideas from our community. Thank you all for supporting us and making Friendbase awesome!

Do you want to learn a new language? Well now you can!
We are happy to presents Friendbase Learn Match – a fun and easy way to learn a new language by yourself or even better, challenge your friends to a match. Click on the link to download the app on Google Play or Appstore now.

Happy to be invited back to Startup Istanbul with Melika Sanati to talk about @friendbasechat ! It was such a great event last year and we have several interesting partnerships that we want to close. #startupistanbul #nordicmade #gbgtech https://t.co/RYae2gcbKF

Gaming is a metric driven industry. So we tend to follow statistics, some more amusing than others. Did you know according to AdColony 23% play games in the bathroom? And Sweden has the highest number of 44%! 😀

Thank you @siliconvikings for inviting me to join you for the event Alpha Girls. Although the percentage of risk capital going to female founders is still dismally low, I am optimistic that we'll see a shift towards better numbers in the near future! #gbgtech #NordicMade

We had so much fun in Istanbul last year. Super connections and great event. Should you join with me at Startup Istanbul? #startupistanbul Here is your 10 EU discount code https://t.co/G5l31sEzzG

@friendbasechat Friendbase, an avatar-based chat application for young people, from Stockholm got the first prize for #startupistanbul2018
Get to participate in this year's event by registering via: https://t.co/WRzEbTaF2z

#startups #startupistanbul #events

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