New Friendbase LIVE!

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New Friendbase is LIVE!!! 

After a year of development, we have released our new version of Friendbase! The team has worked tirelessly and they have done an amazing job.

So why even make a new version? Well, we could see the cracks in the wall of the old version, and instead of plastering and painting over them, we did a complete revamp. Just to mention a few improvements;

– Ported to Unity to have a flexible and scalable solution

– Easy to localize to other languages – this first version comes in four languages (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish)

– Flexible back-end to be able to add content and create campaigns without releasing a new version as well as open and close rooms in real-time

– Spaces prepared in rooms for ads and product placements – signed up with Adinmo to provide us with content starting next week

– Improved admin panel for easy management of database, metrics, and content

– Improved graphics to create your avatar as well as smoother movements


Our members may find it scaled back but each and every day new content and features are being uploaded. The roadmap is crammed with fun games, quizzes, new rooms, and other content. What a great autumn ahead!