Swedish EdTech Industry’s new members – Friendbase among them

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Ten new members of the industry association for edtech



The industry organization for educational technology, Swedish Edtech Industry, now welcomes as many as ten new members who deliver services for the entire lifelong learning. The new members show the breadth and diversity of Swedish edtech, with everything from digital learning environments for dental staff, an educational platform for Swedish industrial companies, continuing education for digital creative professions to special education learning platforms, marketplaces for schools, infrastructure solutions, and AI-driven language learning for children.

Sweden is a leader in using and developing the digital technology that enables and strengthens lifelong learning and us as a nation of knowledge.

It is Swedish Edtech’s vision 2024 which means that the more than four-year-old industry organization has now broadened its focus and also welcomes edt ech companies that address consumers and businesses directly. A natural step to take, as the importance of lifelong learning and the need for skills adjustment has increased dramatically during the pandemic.

– Learning must take place for everyone, everywhere, if we are to meet our societal challenge to meet the supply of skills.

This is the opinion of Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of Swedish Edtech Industry, and she also thinks that the great interest in joining the industry organization shows the need to collaborate in a strong ecosystem that shares knowledge and where we can work industry-wide with various joint initiatives, ensure a free and healthy market for continued development, innovation and growth. All for the benefit of lifelong learning and Sweden as a nation of knowledge, she concludes.

“As a Swedish industry association, SEI has unique opportunities to strengthen members’ market positions both internationally and locally through increased industry collaboration, active business environment analysis, and by highlighting the values ​​edtech creates in schools, academia, and the labor market” – Ronald Bernette, CEO Collegial

“We at Astrid are happy to be part of the Swedish Edtech Industry! As Edtech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, we think it is extremely important to work to ensure that Swedish companies are at the forefront of both education and innovation. ” Andreas Kullberg, CEO of Astrid Education

“We are big optimists for the future. Just like the Swedish Edtech Industry. Therefore, it is natural for us to be part of their community. “- Mattias Karlsson Sjöberg, CEO of Moderskeppet

Astrid Education: Astrid helps children learn to read and speak English and combines meaningful storytelling with an engaging AI-driven learning journey

Cisco hardware and software companies that, among other things, offer the wifi lift for schools.

Clinicproduction International offers a digital learning environment for dental staff.

Collegial is a digital learning platform for companies that want to develop the skills of their employees.

Esybee a learning platform that supports the special education processes

Friendbase, a community platform for young people.

Pixondu (Mothership): Mothership provides Sweden’s creative new digital skills with its library of hundreds of online courses.

School Parrot a platform and marketplace for searching for schools and educations, creating and reading reviews about them

Skol media offers streaming film for schools and municipalities and is a media platform for AV centers

Skolstil Writing program with talking keyboard


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